We have lift-off/ Scroll down for contest!

Well the sun is finally out here (at least for the weekend) and I’m looking forward to launching Animal at the Café Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive Sunday night. It’s also Italian Days on the Drive so the mood should be festive—especially if the Canucks win their game on Saturday night. The talented Phil DeMarsh will be playing some moody guitar music, my friend and fellow poet/writer Fiona Tinwei Lam will be MC’ing and the tenaciously independent (and very local)  People’s Co-op Books will be hosting the book table. So if you are in Vancouver do come, 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Free admission! I will also probably be wearing lipstick (a rare event).

This past week I’ve had daily blog postings on the National Post’s Afterword and also did an interview with Dan McPeake on SFU campus radio’s Endeavours show. I also commented on characterization for Shaun Smith at Open Book Ontario, and next week (June 7) will be interviewed on What Pink Sounds Like, a women in the arts show for UBC campus radio. There hasn’t been much time for reading or writing, let alone musing on fiction and how it works, but Siri Hustvedt’s Summer Without Men is on my bedside table. I was very affected by two of her previous novels, What I Loved and The Sorrows of an American and am looking forward to checking this one out.

Meanwhile here is a little contest. The first person who sends me a correct list of all the animals that appear in Animal will receive a signed copy of the book, plus a surprise extra. Answers in an email (see Contact) and not on a postcard, please.

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