1001 Ways to Tell the Truth: Creative Nonfiction


What are you passionate about? Is there a life experience you yearn to share? Through readings, discussions, mini lectures and in-class writing exercises learn how to tell true stories, yours or others’, using the techniques of literary fiction. Take advantage of the class’s lively, supportive environment to then workshop your memoir excerpt, travel journal or issue-oriented essay and/or receive personalized, professional feedback on your writing, regardless of subject or level.
After taking this class you will be able to:

  • Research, draft, write and revise a creative non-fiction article on their choice of subject
  • Prepare and submit a non-fiction book proposal and/or magazine article pitch or non-fiction story submission
  • Critically engage with creative non-fiction writing in an informed and writerly way

Topics covered include:

Definitions of Creative Nonfiction
Effective Openings, Unforgettable Endings
Dramatizing Your Story: Generating Scenes and Dialogue
Voice and Characterization
Plot and Structure: Organizing your Material, Maintaining Momentum
Accuracy: Legal, Moral and Literary Obligations
Integrating Research: What To Put In, What To Leave Out
Stages in the Writing Process: How and When to Revise
Publisher Submissions: Effective Book Proposals, Magazine Submissions

For more information go to http://www.langara.bc.ca/creative-arts
Or contact the instructor contact@cathystonehouse.com

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